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games that develop themselves over a number of days are becoming more and more popular for today’s casual game player and cleric

scams gardenscape adds an interesting addition to the market but does gardenscape have what it takes to keep players coming

back for more let’s find out the game begins with an introduction to yourself you’ve just recently inherited a house and discover that behind it lies a

once beautiful garden your job is to start from scratch to rebuild thegarden and restore it back to its natural beauty you jump right into the game with a puzzle to collect a variety of apples this is just a taste.

Gardenscapes APK Download

Gardenscapes APKDownload
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Eliments in this Game.

puzzles ahead the graphics consists of pre-rendered 3d elements on a

2d backdrop the puzzle board which is the main part of the game is

bright and colourful and reminds me a bit of columns for the Sega

Genesis the detailed graphics were what makes the game really shine

in the match 3 game you need to match up three items hints are

given while playing to help you figure out what matches this is great

when you’re scratching your head about what items to match up

levels take a long time to complete and earning a single start can

be a bit slow since the number of moves you have is limited


you need to carefully strategize each move if you run out of moves

you need to start from the beginning and you lose the light once you

run out of lives you need to wait for a predetermined amount of time

before attempting the puzzle again as puzzles get harder you’ll encounter

areas where you need to get creative some challenges

include the waterfall or game pieces move as you destroy other pieces

the acorns which are collected by matching different types of pieces

close by and the boxes which take two hits to chip away at the main boosters.

The bombs early word and dynamite these boosters are almost essential

for some of the puzzles boosters can be earned by matching long lines of

items together here’s a tip that’s two firecrackers together to get the twirly

word quicker the main character has a seemingly unlimited amount of

one-liners to say and just about every object is dynamic and touchable while

playing you’ll encounter other characters that have their own unique traits the development of the garden is

actually a minigame in itself and you have the opportunity to improve it based

on the number of stars you collect the music in the game is bright and

cheerful it reminds me somewhat of the sims for PC the music is very

appropriate for the game and it’s relaxing to listen to when you just

want to play a quick puzzle because gardenscape is a free game in-app

purchases are available since the levels become hard quickly you

Difficult Puzzles.

have a choice to pay to speed up the wait times or just wait you can buy

boosters that speed up some of the more difficult puzzles, of course,

you can get free perks by signing up friends and sharing your Facebook

information but I don’t really like doing this and your friends might not

appreciate the game requests it’s sure to push out despite the long

wait times to complete levels and the rather minimal star gains from

difficult puzzles the beautiful graphics compelling backstory and fun

minigames so gardenscape will keep you coming back for more every day

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