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Clash Of Clans

  Hex Ok guys, time to take an overdue look at Clash of Clans! DARREN Clash of Clans is a free to play multiplayer strategy game. Players are given a small plot of land to build their base in. Then they must protect it from other players and build up armies to attack others. It first came out in 2012 and has since gone on to become one of the most popular free games in the world. Despite being free it’s estimated that players currently spend several millions of dollars a day on in-app purchases! Bajo It’s crazy popular, isn’t it? And I quickly started to see the appeal here. It’s a much more interesting strategy game than I was expecting. DARREN Affirmative. There is a singleplayer “campaign” you can work through, which offers up a series of increasingly difficult bases to raid. But it’s much more profitable to attack other real players.          

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Unlike most strategy games tho you have no direct control over where a unit moves or what it attacks. Instead, units simply have a preferred type of target. Most attack whatever is closest to them, however, some specifical target defenses, walls, or loot. All you can do is decide which units to include in an army, and where and when to deploy them in battle. Hex It’s quite simple, but it leads to some deceptively deep strategies for both attacking and defending Bajo Yeah, defending a base becomes a sort of passive tower defense game, doesn’t it? You do your best to design a solid gauntlet of walls and towers to hopefully keep attackers at bay.

But you don’t take any direct part in it since players can only attack you when you’re not actively playing the game. Hex So you basically wake up every morning to find your base raided. It’s cool tho how you can watch a replay of the attack tho to see where your defenses crumbled. Bajo And I really liked that you could quickly take revenge on them! DARREN There really is no perfect army or base design, however; and it depends on what’s more important to you, resources, or trophies. Resources are needed for buying troops and upgrading your base. While trophies are needed for climbing the leader boards and are given out for either successfully raiding another players base, or successfully defending yours. Hex I think Trophies are something people tend to worry more about at higher levels once they’ve built up their dream base. At the moment I just like to build up armies of goblins to try to steal people’s precious resources. I don’t really care if I win or lose the raid! Bajo Another thing I liked is the constant drip-feed of new strategies that come in as you level up. Every time you upgrade your town hall, for example, you get access to more bits of defensive equipment which can completely change how to best you design your base… Hex And as you level up your barracks you get access to more powerful units which all bring with them their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s constantly adding new things into the mix… DARREN And after a little while you’ll be able to rebuild a clan castle which lets you either create your own clan or join another one. Once you’re in a clan, other clan members can donate troops to live in the castle and come out to help protect your base when you’re attacked.

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Hex But the main reason to join a clan is for the clan wars! These pit two clans against each other and every player in each clan gets a version of their base copied onto a war map. Then you get one day to try and cause as much damage as possible to an enemy base. The clan that causes the most damage wins. Bajo Yeah, it’s another thing they’ve done quite well by at least giving you something to do regularly. So while you might have to wait for days for a building to get upgraded, in the meantime you can quickly build up some armies to go on raids or join in with a clan war. Hex And it’s good to see they’re not many premium items… DARREN Affirmative. The only useful building that costs gems to build is the builder’s huts. More builder huts allow you to have more buildings being built or upgraded at any one time. You get two huts for free but can have up to five. Bajo Yeah so nothing is walled off to those who don’t spend money. But you can speed things up a lot if you do. DARREN You can also earn free gems through completing various challenges, as well as by removing bits of junk from your plot of land. Bits of junk spawn every eight hours too creating an unlimited if the slow supply of free premium currency. Bajo Yeah, it’s quite generous compared to a lot of free to play games, isn’t it? So why then do you think it manages to make SO much money DARREN? DARREN Well I think there are multiple psychological factors at play Bajo.

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 Humans are naturally inclined to want to invest in a hobby that they enjoy. The fact that in-app purchases aren’t overly intrusive or necessary can also make you more willing to reward the developers. Also the strong social and aspirational aspects can create a desire to compete and build the most impressive base out of anyone! Bajo I do admit, I’m always wary when games teach you how to spend premium currency to speed things up in their tutorial. Hex Yeah it can feel a bit manipulative to slow your progress down so much to try and make you pay to have fun, can’t it? Bajo Yeah, but I think ultimately it’s a decent balance here. And there’s an interesting strategy game underneath all of that. So it’s a 7 from me Hex I think it’s been so successful because people genuinely like it and want to invest in it as a long term hobby. If you’ve got the patience and commitment, there’s a lot to like. I’m giving it 7.5.


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