Subway Surfers Keeping you Engaged for Hour

The arcade games and video games have permeated into the world of mobile, android and ipad, to mention few. One of the enjoyable options for the youngsters currently is Subway Surfers. If you have an android smart phone, then you surely have the luxury of touring Google Play or App World every now and then.

Subway surfers game

If you have played Temple Run, then Subway Surfers Online is surely going to grab your attention with more exciting features and attractive graphics. Having more challenges and enticing twists, this game ensures to keep its players glued to the screen for hours to come.

Always on the move? And need something to keep you going? Subway Surfers is the game for you. Here you keep running on the tracks until you have collected all the coins and the power-ups while overcoming the obstacles like trains, barricades, light posts and much more. You can conveniently shift from one track to another just by swiping your finger on the screen.

The power-ups help you enhance your score as you proceed in the game. There are tools that help you collect coins, similarly, there are obstacles that are created to put you away from collecting your coins. Now it entirely depends on how far you will go to collect all coins coming your way. Enjoy more of this great arcade game for androids, as you download the game and get started on your coin collection spree. Watch Highest score in subway surfers hereĀ  here

But Have you ever wonder to compare subway surfers with Fire boy and water girl game ? Acutally there is no similarity between these 2 games but if you think logically then these two games have very Deep link as you clear both game levels you will realize

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