Subway Surfers Keeping you Engaged for Hour’s And Other Strategic Game.

The arcade games and video games have permeated into the world of mobile, android and ipad, to mention few. One of the enjoyable options for the youngsters currently is Subway Surfers. If you have an android smart phone, then you surely have the luxury of touring Google Play or App World every now and then.

Subway surfers game

If you have played Temple Run, then Subway Surfers Online is surely going to grab your attention with more exciting features and attractive graphics. Having more challenges and enticing twists, this game ensures to keep its players glued to the screen for hours to come.

Always on the move? And need something to keep you going? Subway Surfers is the game for you. Here you keep running on the tracks until you have collected all the coins and the power-ups while overcoming the obstacles like trains, barricades, light posts and much more. You can conveniently shift from one track to another just by swiping your finger on the screen.

The power-ups help you enhance your score as you proceed in the game. There are tools that help you collect coins, similarly, there are obstacles that are created to put you away from collecting your coins. Now it entirely depends on how far you will go to collect all coins coming your way. Enjoy more of this great arcade game for androids, as you download the game and get started on your coin collection spree. Watch Highest score in subway surfers here.

But Have you ever wonder to compare subway surfers with Fire boy and water girl game ? Actually there is no similarity between these 2 games but if you think logically then these two games have very Deep link as you clear both game levels you will realize when play.

Entrusting Things About Scary Maze Prank Game

I want to share something about scary prank games. These games have no beautiful graphics. These are not very log round games. These games are consist of 3 to 5 rounds or pages. These games are very popular in the world. This is very simple and unique idea.

Pick Up Top Strategic Games Of Yourself And Use those Tactic Against Your Opponents.

Make your move :

Think profoundly. Arrangement your best course of action deliberately, or it could be your last.Strategy games are the most ideal approaches to have a ton of fun and hone those intense choice making aptitudes we all adoration to parade.


Whether you’re planning the ideal ambush, finding the most productive store network, or essentially running for your life to survive, it’s imperative to have the capacity to define a plan. These games are the best approach to do it—beginning with captaining your own deathtrap, spaceship.

FTL: Faster than Light :

You won’t secure any genuine specialized expertise about steering an anecdotal rocket, yet you will learn solid initiative aptitudes and the capacity to act rapidly.


Take your Federation ship into the incomprehensible nearby planetary group to surpass the seeking after dissidents. Each hope could arrive you in some boiling hot water—and might wind up being your last.

Summon all your Star Trek information, power up the weapons, and man the shields, since it will be an uneven ride. The best way to survive is a great deal of strategy—and significantly more luck.

Starcraft II :

Whether you’re a devotee of the first or the freshest portion Starcraft II takes mental aptitude, and in addition speedy reflexes, to succeed.

Select from three distinct races, all with their own qualities, shortcomings, and characteristics, and develop a base and an armed force to crush your adversary.


Micromanaging your armed force takes genuine focus and combat zone know-how. Doing this while additionally being as gainful as would be prudent at your base takes your mental ability to new statures.

Company of Heroes :

The most noteworthy appraised constant strategy game to date, Company of Heroes earned its title through creative battle, destructible situations, and a one of a kind spread framework. Never has ordering the Allies—or Axis—to triumph been so compensating—aside from perhaps when it happened without a doubt.


It’s a much slower-paced game than Starcraft 2, however the keen techniques and choices you utilize will give you the edge over your adversary, and you will accomplish triumph for your activities.

In the event that you incline toward the solidified Eastern Front, Company of Heroes 2 was as of late discharged, setting the Soviets against the Germans with the climate as an equivalent adversary.

Command & Conquer Ultimate Edition :

Attempt to pick the best Command and Conquer game. It’s not all that simple when you understand what number of there are, and how they all play. However, why pick when you can get the whole accumulation in one slick bundle?


The Ultimate Collection (broadly accessible) incorporates everything from the main game that commenced advanced constant strategy game-playing, to the late Command and Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight.

You’ve known about Command and Conquer which is as it should be. Whether you’re playing the games interestingly or simply bringing a nostalgic trek through a world of fond memories, this gathering merits getting.

League of Legends :

Association of Legends is only one game in a kind that is getting a great deal of consideration—generally due to the insane measures of strategy and cooperation that goes into them. It doesn’t hurt that it’s likewise one of the greatest e-sports around.


Charge a valiant legend to fight against the other group, additionally with its own particular saint. Then, little gatherings of careless animals will duke it out in pull of-war-sort game play.

Correspondence, arranging, and a strategy for purchasing capable things are all crucial for triumph. You can get into some precarious and strained circumstances—production that sweet execute all the better.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown :

It’s difficult to battle a mechanically predominant outsider animal groups—that is the reason you must be savvy and vital to impact them away.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown places you in order of a delicate squad of people equipped with weapons, shield, and capacities to dispatch the outsiders that are making a ruckus on Earth.


In the event that a squad part kicks the bucket, they remain as such—taking every one of their valuable involvement with them. Be shrewd and think before you move, shoot, and toss that explosive! More baby games at

Age of Empires II HD Edition :

Harken back to a period when strategy games were hitting their step and truly taking the world by tempest—however now with much more pleasant representation.


This change of the exemplary title (discharged in 1999) puts a little cosmetics on the design that were harsh around the edges, while keeping up the fun and great game play.

Summon a kingdom. Develop ranches, metal forgers, and armed forces to thrive and overcome your adversaries. Gather assets to subsidize everything, and fabricate a mammoth divider to keep the awful folks away. Pokemon Online Games

11 killer sim games that immerse you in reality :


You’re crapped from all that reasoning, arranging, and strategy. Why not savor the sights of North America by means of train, or respect Europe from in the driver’s seat of a major apparatus, or even see the skies from an A-10C Warthog. Obviously, you’ll have to figure out how to utilize them first.Play online subway surfers game and have fun.